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Clear Up Your Mess

Cofficient will get you on top of things, even if it means starting from a messy state and bringing that into order quickly and efficiently.  More...

Savings Direct To You

When you save $1, you get the benefit of it directly to the bottom line.   To get the same result delivered to your bottom line from increased sales, you would need to earn $4-$5.  To get a risk-free Cost Reduction Consultation where we show you practical, actual, easy-to-understand ways you can reduce costs click here .    To read more click here.

Save Time

Save time and you save money.  Re-invest time and you make more money.   These great options are available to Cofficient clients.  More...

Confidence Backed By Numbers

Cofficient will give you confidence that the decisions you make are based on up-to-date financial information.  More...

Eliminate The Risk Of Non-Compliance

Cofficient will give you control of your statutory obligations.  Eliminate your risk of falling foul of red tape, bureaucracy and the law.  More...

Core Competency

Your core competency is probably the most under-valued, under-utilised and under-siege resource in the business.  Step 1) Liberate your time Step 2) Make sure your administration and bookkeeping is being done by professional people who have that as their core competency.  More...

"Big Company" Strategies

Big companies out-compete smaller rivals because they do things such as outsource non-core competencies, get better terms of trade and access a wider array of resources.  Now you can too.  More...

Improve Your Lifestyle

You will have the choice of where you spend the time that you previously spent on compliance, administration, bookkeeping and worrying.  More...

Flexible With Corporate Structure

Cofficient has been designed with your needs in mind.  Depending on your situation, a number of operating structure options are available.  More...

Handle Unique Situations

Does your business have peculiar structures of ownership or profit share?  Perhaps you have informal  incentives provided to employees?  Regardless of what unique scenario you bring to us as a client, we don't judge - we just help.  More...

Never Sick

Unlike an employee, Cofficient does not take leave and does not get sick - meaning you have us available when you need us.  More...

Increased Control

You have increased control when you have up to date records, repeatable procedures and trackable instructions and transactions.  More...

Efficient Operating Processes

We create "combined efficiencies" for you via our Web Interface and "Pod" structure.  This means you get transparency, current information and a better result for less.  More...

Types Of Client

To find out how we apply these benefits to the following customer types click on the appropriate link below.

Small Businesses

Independent Contractors & Consultants

Accounting Practices

Contracting Agencies

Medical Practices


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