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Clearing Up the mess

...and get on top of things

Some business people are just not that into bookkeeping and administration. This administrative neglect often holds them back, but more importantly, it puts undue pressure on the owner. This pressure often builds in the back of the mind as a series of nagging doubts about “What is my real position?”, “Am I up to date with my…?” or “What was it I was meant to do…?”

This pressure can become something that potential clients are embarrassed by. Don’t be - we’ve seen it all and we don’t care what state your accounts and administration processes are in now. We are only interested in getting you out of the mess and up to date. Once you are up to date, maintaining your financial and administration records is easy because of our processes.

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“We’ve seen it all when it comes to “shoe box” accounting. For some of our clients, the biggest benefit they get early on is the feeling of relief that comes when they are bought up to date”.
Ken Lipschitz


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