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Eliminate Risk

...eliminate the risk of non-compliance through ignorance

No small business owner – and very few bookkeepers - can hope to be across all the relevant business administration issues required by small businesses.

The bureaucracy is labour intensive to say the least. Apart from the usual issues in a standard business such as GST, Payroll Tax and PAYG (and soon some sort of a carbon tax), there is also compulsory workers compensation, public liability insurance, professional indemnity, fire and theft and general insurance. On top of that there is directors life insurance, ASIC administration (where applicable) and superannuation. As if that is not tough enough, there is always some business risk or issue specific to your industry.

All this bureaucracy inevitably leads to ‘blind spots’ for small business owners. These blind spots become painfully apparent whenever things go wrong – as they sometimes will.

Cofficient helps you avoid falling foul of the red tape in the first place.

Coffificent makes life a relative breeze when you do get the occasional 'employee issue', audit or other such crisis. We work with our clients on these exact issues all the time. We know how it works, and we’ll guide you through your crisis. You can have confidence in us to do it right for you.

Perhaps it's time you join us? but first why don't you sort out your costs and increase your bottom line by taking advantage of our Cost Reduction Consultancy

"We got in real trouble with the ATO for unpaid employee entitlements and GST. Just how woeful our own bookkeeping was became apparent and we turned to Cofficient for help.

They enabled us to get up to date with our accounts, prepare a solid sales forecast based on real numbers and then ultimately create a tax repayment plan and budgets for expenditure.

Ultimately we worked our way through it together, but I don't know if we would have been able to do it without Cofficient"

Company name withheld for obvious reasons...Client since August 2006.


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