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Core Competency

...competency counts when it comes to money

Obviously if your job was to do payroll calculation all day, every day, across a number of different types of companies, then you would get good at it.  That is precisely an example of how we can do it more efficiently and less expensively than you - and still make a reasonable return for ourselves.

A professional team within Cofficient is known as a “pod” and each pod services a number of small business clients.  These clients have a single Account Manager who directs a dedicated payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable clerk.  Each pod is directly overseen by the owner of Cofficient – Ken Lipschitz.

As a Cofficient client you get the benefit of knowing that we are highly competent in our areas, and you get the time and resources to focus on your business and its core competencies.

Perhaps it's time you join us? but first why don't you sort out your costs and increase your bottom line by taking advantage of our Cost Reduction Consultancy

“We've come through the Industrial Age through the Information Age through the Content Age and now are in the Competency Age.  But if you doubt it take a look around and see what advantage competency has in the marketplace”.
Seth Godin - Author of 12 books


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